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February 26, 2011


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This band is a walking, breathing, gimmick! Shame on you Radio Free Silver Lake for even posting this trying make people think that their talented and cool for this..As i have heard throughout the local music community since they did this, it's the most shameless publicity stunt ever, and any musicians or music lovers in LA who would have maybe given them the time of day, now really think they are a joke. You can't compare this mediocre band to Jimmy Hendrix, and The Pixies! What's wrong with you? I think they will feel the backlash of this stupid publicity stunt soon enough when everyone in LA really start to hate them. But hey maybe then they will feel special because people actually think of them as a joke. Bravo you unoriginal, stupid, talentless band.


Other than being fans of Radiohead and creating their version of the CD over the weekend they havent done anything to deserve being called a walking, breathing, gimmick. Robotanists have released 3 cds in the past 2 years,currently in the middle of a residency and just released a new fantastic CD, other than putting this up as a free download on thier bandcamp page, I don't see them out looking for publicity on it. The nice thing about our "local music community" is as many people you say are trashing the project, I bet you you find twice as many who enjoyed it.


"Walking breathing Gimmick"? Strong words Chris. People who are familiar with my history at KXLU Demolisten and as a well known figure in the local music community for 15 years, KNOW that I don't say something is good for no reason. My own friends have been pissed at me for not playing their music on the radio. So...I have NO incentive to say I like something, If I don't.

Isn't it a gimmick for Kurt CObain or SArah Negadari to fall down when playing guitar? or for ARiel pink to stare at the floor? or for ANY band to pick their outfit before a show? Isn't being in a band a gimmick to get the love and approval you never got as a child?

Let's just chill for a moment, and realize that I said it was a stunt and a gimmick...and I said "for sure". Which means really 100%.

But Weird Al Yankovich is Gimmicky. Robotanists are talented. Maybe WEird Al is talented too.

Also, I didn't say Hendrix was good....I just said he did it. How's that for controversy.

Isn't ANY cover by ANY band EVER, a Gimmick?

And again....saying, "EVERYONE in the community says so" is so incredibly lame. it's like Grade School. Guess what.... I AM THE COMMUNITY. So there. And so are a lot of other people.

And guess what... I thought the Pixies were LAME for doing that cover at the time. I really did. And I saw them every single tour they did in So Cal, (so there). and I still thought it was lame.

"unoriginal talentless stupid"? SEriously Chris... I want to know what Band you're in. What band do you think is SO under represented, and just SO talented, and SO misunderstood that this article would bring out such crazy hatred.

I wish the best for the Robotantists, and every other band I've supported over the years. There's lots of band RFSL likes, that I hate.

WE all have opinions, but please be constructive.

I invite you to call me, for a recorded debate on the subject to be featured on my podcast.


Call ANYTIME! That goes for anybody! Thanks.


Jesse A Davis

The White Stripes are the most gimmicky band of all time and I still think they are awesome! Bands need to stand out these days. Gimmicks are fine as long as there is talent to back it up. I think Robotanists are talented but I suppose everyone is free to make up their own mind about that.


Wow has the world gone mad? For your information Octavius I'm not in a band, and I am just a local music fan. How about next time you write a article you actually put your name on it? The only good band you have had on your show is Avi Buffalo, all the music that goes through your show is terrible, so pardon me if i don't trust your opinion. I am up to debate with on how you like shitty music and I don't anytime. I go to local shows and and support good music, do you actually go to shows? Or do you just act like you know everything because you have your show on KXLU? I can't believe you all are saying that being a dumb, talentless, song covering band is ok? Yeah I know Robotanists released another shitty covers album a while back, wow what a accomplishment. Bravo!


I'm a fan of Avi Buffalo and it embarrasses me that I have to share the same sound space with you, Chris. Please don't show up on the 'local music scene' anymore. There are critics, and then there people like you - violently unstable haters who are pretentious enough to think their viewpoints are clearly above all others. Everyone is entitled to their opinions - except you. Go back to sitting alone at the bar at Silverlake Lounge, complain how YOU, godforbid THE Chris, had to pay cover, stiff the bartender on tips because the drinks weren't strong enough and pretend to the cute girl who won't talk to you that you actually know the band personally.
Robotanists are incredibly talented - their guitarist plays in multiple bands because he's so sought after, their drummer is very well regarded in this 'local music scene' you lord over, the bassist commands an enormous amount of respect and the lead singer is well loved not only as a vocalist and songwriter but as a great GREAT supporter of other local bands and in elevating the status of the Los Angeles art and music scene.
Go start you're own blog, nerd. Quit flaming other sites with your nonsense like this is some Compuserve bulletin board circa 1992.

Billy Bob Thornton

Yes, it's obvious that this was a total publicity play on the part of Robotanists. The fact that they did this as a way to get attention for themselves has nothing to do with how boring of a band they are. Their original songs are trite, MOR, bullshit. Yes. We know that. And yes, it's kinda lame to cover a Radiohead album in an attempt to get people talking about them like I am doing right now. And yes I know them personally and am aware that they are genuine Radiohead fans, but I also know this was a very calculated move on their part... but please ignore this blatant publicity stunt! Concentrate on the original music they make. That should give you plenty of shit-talking-fodder.

Jake K

Chris, ummm, dude. Are you OK? You seem really angry that someone covered a Radiohead record. Forgive me for asking, but why would that fact anger someone so much? OK, you don't like the Robotanists' music, you don't have to account for your taste. But to ignore their obvious musical talent so you can claim this is all a political publicity play doesn't add anything useful to the ecosphere. This is obviously a sincere musical effort, and to be so cynical when people are enjoying it doesn't do you or anyone else any good. Are you trying to tell people who like this the reasons they shouldn't like it? What would be the best-case-scenario outcome of that effort? Why would people who like something be swayed by unnecessarily invective accusations?

Doug Kresse

It's a great EP.
Continue the debate, but listen to it.

Kevin P.

Chris, you are in desperate need of a nap. All of the other kids are feeling much better after theirs.


The timing of robotanists' cover album is obviously a cheap marketing tactic. does that deem them untalented? who knows?


This band is so lame, they know exactly what they did! What's funny is that their radiohead covers album, is getting their newest mediocre album press.


robotanists have okay songs, have seen them live, they're fairly entertaining. the singer has really odd and uncomfortable stage moves, where it looks really forced and kind of trite. she is also off-pitch quite a bit. Beside the point, this covers album is huge joke and basically a means to promote their actual LP, which isn't half bad. It sounds like an average, typical home recording, but is decent.

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